I chose each of these images because they are the ones that impacted me the most and kind of stayed in my memory and i was really able to picture them actually happening.

I think this book is really melancholy because of the way african americans were treated back then. In a way it shows you that you should appreciate how you are treated and the life that you have.

I think they assigned us this book because some people take everything for granted and do not really care for what is happening to others. As well as people who do not appreciate what they have.

The Chocolate War
1. Where the assignments the same for everyone?
The assignments varied, depending on the person, and intend to inflict as much psychological injury as possible.
2. How come you refused to seel chocolates?
I had to refuse because The Vigils forced me to do so.
3. Why did you again refuse to sell chocolates?
I refused because I want to make a difference.
4. Why did you buy a pornographic magazine if you felt so guilty doing it?
I bought it to see why the other boys were so interested in them.
5. How was your first last moment of emotion, crying and hugging at the cemetery with your dad?
it was something that I would have never expected to occur.
6. How come you do not want to be like your father?
is a dull person and I aspire greater things that is why i want to try out for the football team.
7. How were you able to not get taclked at tryouts after being talked before?
I put my mind to it and I was able to pass it to Goober in order for him to make the touchdown.
8. How did you feel when the junior told you, you "had guts" for standing up to Leon?
I felt proud of myself because I was starting to become the undergroung hero.
9. How does it feel for people to be supporting yoor idea of not selling chocolates?
I fell that people should always do what is right for them and if they beleive in my idea them go ahead.
10. How does it feel to have tackled Carter?
It feels like if I have overcome a fear and have encouraged other people to overcome theirs.